Don’t fall victim to ransomware.

Barracuda is uniquely qualified to protect your business from ransomware, as we provide effective solutions to defend against every step of today’s ransomware attacks. Barracuda provides the email, application/access, and backup protection solutions required to keep your business secure.

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Protect user credentials from email attacks.

Malicious email is one of the most common ransomware attack vectors, with phishing emails used most often to trick users into clicking malicious links or attachments to obtain user credentials.

Protect your web applications.

Web applications such as web forms, e-commerce sites, customer service portals, and partner portals are targets for bad actors and malicious bots. Applications often have vulnerabilities that can be exploited to gain access to your data or to penetrate your network. These attacks may use credentials obtained through social engineering attacks or purchased on the dark web. Barracuda provides powerful, comprehensive application security that is easy to deploy.

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Protect access to your applications.

In addition to protecting the application itself, it is also important to protect access to the application. For applications used by employees and partners, you should only allow access for authorized users and devices. Barracuda provides a Zero Trust Access solution that can protect access to your applications and workloads.

Protect your data with secure backup.

If ransomware does take control of your data, there’s no need to pay a ransom or go through a difficult and tedious recovery process — if you have a strong, modern, easy-to-use backup solution. Barracuda offers superior backup solutions — on-premises or in the cloud — that make it simple and fast to restore an up-to-date copy of any file, whether you’re restoring an entire server or specifically selecting files to restore.

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Protect your business today.

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