Secure Access Service Edge (SASE)

Accelerate and secure cloud migrations.


Rethink your corporate network.

SASE is the future of network security and access.

Digital transformation, the distributed mobile workforce, the adoption of cloud services, and emerging edge computing platforms have changed how enterprises operate. Business enablement requires anytime/anywhere access to apps and services. SASE delivers network and security capabilities that can be applied whenever needed to provide access to data and workloads everywhere. SASE also cuts complexity and can offer a more operational cost service model.

Barracuda’s practical SASE will transform your business.

Barracuda Networks is offering the industry’s only cloud-native SASE platform that enables businesses to control access to data from any device, anytime, anywhere, and allows security inspection and policy enforcement in the cloud, at the branch, or on the device. The platform brings together Firewall-as-a-Service (FWaaS), Software-Defined Wide Area Network (SD-WAN), Zero Trust Network Access (ZTNA), and Secure Web Gateway (SWG) as core capabilities, allowing your organization to shift away from purchasing numerous purpose-built products.

Secure your cloud network.

Simplify your security deployment. Firewall-as-a-Service (FWaaS) provides the functionality of a next-generation firewall without capital expenditure costs.

Keep users connected and productive.

Ensure always-on connectivity and boost performance between sites and to the cloud with Barracuda’s Secure SD-WAN.

Simplify and secure network access.

Enable Zero Trust Network Access to your network. Improve security by continuously verifying access sessions and policies.

Go for a cloud-native SASE solution.

The enterprise is evolving. Move to a modern cloud architecture. Deploy your security and network infrastructure where your data and applications live.

“Usually when you gain availability, you lose security. With CloudGen Access, you get both.”

Anthony Baio

Security Engineer
Soteria LLC

“The solution makes it very simple to assign specific access privileges to specific individuals or groups at specific times and so on. And the full-time monitoring with multiple layers of authentication obviously raises the security bar.”

Utku Zihnioglu

Webshare Software

“Providing both security and access in today’s work-from-anywhere world is challenging, not to mention the never-ending security threats we’re facing daily.”

Dickson Usuwa

Technical Director
digit solutions

SASE at a glance.

IT professionals need a solution that combines network security functions with WAN capabilities and supports the dynamic secure access needs of organizations. SASE is an integrated service that provides comprehensive secure access for modern computing environments, reduces complexity and costs by consolidating technology stacks, lowers operational overhead, and speeds up new technology adoption. According to Gartner, security and risk management leaders should build a migration plan from legacy perimeter and hardware-based offerings to a SASE model.1 With SASE, enterprises save management time, ensure business continuity, improve performance for latency-sensitive apps, and simplify the access experience for users by removing operational friction.

1 Gartner “2021 Strategic Roadmap for SASE Convergence” by Neil MacDonald, Nat Smith, Lawrence Orans, Joe Skorupa, Published 25 March 2021.


Do not give cybercriminals any chance.

In today’s rapidly evolving threat landscape, protecting your network infrastructure is key. Cybercriminals are getting increasingly sophisticated. New malware strains, like ransomware, are designed to evade traditional detection techniques and are often propagated through targeted zero-hour attacks. These advanced attack methods can cause severe damage to affected organizations, both in terms of financial loss and reputation. Barracuda CloudGen WAN is a cloud-native Firewall-as-a-Service with tightly integrated next-generation technologies, including application profiling, intrusion prevention, web filtering, advanced threat and malware protection, antispam, and full-fledged network access control. It provides security inspection and enforcement in the cloud and on premises.


Boost application performance and reduce costs.

As your workloads move to the cloud and SaaS applications, it is critical to ensure reliable, fast, and secure connectivity for all your sites and remote users. Gone are the days when you could backhaul all network traffic to a central location. These days you need a faster, more agile network architecture to handle increased traffic from cloud apps, distributed sites, and off-network users. Barracuda CloudGen WAN is more than just another SD-WAN product. The solution is an achievement of a joint development program by Microsoft and Barracuda, offering the industry’s only practical SASE solution built natively on Azure, bringing together Secure SD-WAN and cloud-native next-generation security capabilities.


Establish the Zero Trust model for secure access.

Remote work is here to stay, cloud migrations are accelerating, and secure access is critical. Enterprises need Zero Trust Network Access (ZTNA) to verify every access attempt to data and resources. Secure your team’s devices and reduce your attack surface by allowing only the right user to access the right corporate resources. Reduce breach risk while improving remote access performance and employee productivity. Barracuda CloudGen Access grants least privileged access to authorized apps without exposing your private network and helps enforce granular policy controls. Gain valuable insights and full visibility into your enterprise resource access flows and, thereby, mitigate security and compliance risks.


Benefit from the industry’s only cloud-native SASE platform in Azure.

Secure Access Service Edge (SASE) is the future of the corporate network, but what is the best fit for your network infrastructure? Other SASE providers require sending all application traffic via their own cloud services, but many organizations would rather consider a SASE solution that runs natively in their preferred Infrastructure-as-a-Service cloud rather than an offering requiring yet another third-party cloud solution. Barracuda CloudGen WAN is fully leveraging Microsoft Azure, and it provides value to businesses that have cloud-first priorities to move network infrastructure, routing, security, and remote access to the public cloud.

You need to protect and seamlessly connect your corporate network.

Barracuda CloudGen WAN combines full next-generation security and full-featured SD-WAN capabilities in a single cloud-based solution running natively on Microsoft Azure.

You need to ensure Zero Trust Access to corporate resources.

Barracuda CloudGen Access provides cloud-managed Zero Trust Access for employees, partners, and contractors to your network and applications from anywhere.

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