Barracuda CloudGen Access

Enable Zero Trust Access to all your apps and data from any device and location.


Secure access to SaaS applications.

Secure access to SaaS applications and prevent risky user behavior. Barracuda CloudGen Access makes sure only authorized and secure devices can access SaaS applications, without the risk of breaking SaaS application interoperability.

Secure your SaaS apps.

Set role and attribute-based controls to grant contextual access to trusted users and devices, gain total visibility into access activities, and mitigate risks. Ensure data privacy: your data-plane never leaves your infrastructure. Secure access without any additional network latency.


Secure users and devices.

  • Lockdown device and user access to SaaS applications
  • Make sure only authorized devices can access SaaS apps
  • Enforce security policy before users can SSO into SaaS apps
  • Enhance user authentication with Certificate-Based Authentication (CBA) and device posture analysis
  • Prevent advanced MFA bypass attacks and mitigate risks

Enforce policies and empower users.

Maintain security with continuous assessment of user and device access privileges. Manage global policies such as disk encryption and device screen lock and automatically block access for compromised devices. Improve productivity and remove friction with simple, self-service remediation steps for blocked users.


System of record for app access.

Streamline audit and compliance reporting. Track and observe users and devices accessing your apps. Get useful insights into endpoint telemetry, define access policies, continuously monitor device security posture, and more.