Barracuda for Financial Services

Protecting your business-critical networks, data, and applications.

Compliance and eDiscovery

Regulations governing the finance industry are clear about the need to archive communications — and in case of litigation those archives are critical to your business. But outdated archiving systems demand frequent, costly storage upgrades. And requests for electronic discovery can lead to many hours of work by legal and IT teams.

Barracuda Message Archiver is a simple, elegant, cost-effective solution that makes regulatory and e-discovery compliance easy. Its advanced capabilities dramatically reduce storage requirements while ensuring that your messages are securely retained and easily retrieved when needed.

Retain and retrieve all email communications with the Barracuda Message Archiver.

  • Access and recover any message ever sent, received, or deleted from your mail server
  • Ensure the integrity of your archives with tamper-proof email archiving for Microsoft Office 365 and Microsoft Exchange
  • Take e-discovery and compliance requirements in stride, thanks to powerful, granular search capabilities across multiple on-premises and cloud-based archives
  • Increase transparency and comprehensiveness with integrated instant-message archiving for Lync and Skype for Business messages
  • Enable any-time, any-place access to archives thanks to full-featured mobile apps for iOS and Android, and an Outlook Add-In that gives each user transparent desktop access
  • Apply granular retention policies to ensure important emails are retained while minimizing storage requirements
  • Eliminate the need for users to archive emails locally
  • Automatically find and eliminate unneeded PST files
  • Optimize storage efficiency with automatic deduplication and compression