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Protect systems and patients from ransomware and other threats.

Deliver better patient outcomes with a secure, high-performance network.

Healthcare systems must be accessible and operational at all times. Pandemic-driven trends and advances in medical technology have added complexity and created new security challenges. Ransomware gangs and other threat actors have targeted the security gaps introduced by these changes. Cybercriminals have disrupted computer networks, stolen patient data, and made vaccine systems unusable. These crimes have caused delays in procedures and interfered with patient care.

Barracuda can help protect patients, practitioners, and organizations from attack.

Email Attacks

Email Attacks

Phishing, account takeover, and other email attacks are among the leading threats to a healthcare organization.



Criminals steal private data and destroy system files if the victim does not meet their demands.

Medical Device Security

Medical Device Security

Unpatched and non-secure devices can allow an attacker into the network.

Data Protection

Data Protection

Personal information, patient health records, and research data are valuable targets.

Insider Risk

Insider Risk

Nearly half of healthcare industry breaches are caused by users with authorized access.

Web Applications

Web Applications

Exploits and vulnerabilities can be used to spread malware and steal data.

Healthcare providers have complex IT environments and valuable data.

Healthcare security incidents in 2020*


Dozens of covered entities and millions of patient records were exposed due to a single ransomware attack on business associate CaptureRX.

More than 37,000 patient records were exposed when a Premier Patient Health Care executive accessed the physician network after his employment was terminated.

A network intrusion caused St Joseph’s/Candler to shut down its systems for several days and use paper records for patient care.

* 2020 HIMSS Cybersecurity Survey


Most data breaches and downtime start with an email attack.

Recent studies reveal that 92% of malware arrives through email, and 16.7% of phishing recipients will click on a malicious link or attachment. This can lead to ransomware, data loss, and other attacks that spread beyond the email system. According to one 2020 study, 72% of healthcare organizations experienced downtime due to an email-based cyberattack. The only way to stop these threats is to secure all points of risk, including mailboxes, data, and users. Barracuda provides industry-leading protection to protect your entire organization from all 13 email threat types.

Our solutions help you:

  • Stop attacks before they arrive in the inbox
  • Respond immediately to detected threats
  • Protect email and data with archiving and cloud backup
  • Train your email users on phishing defense


Protect patients from ransomware attacks.

Healthcare providers are under siege from ransomware attacks, leading to record levels of data breaches and system interruptions. These attacks reduce the quality of patient care and lead directly to an increase in mortality rates.

Our solutions help you:

  • Protect user credentials from email attacks
  • Secure web applications from attacks and intrusion
  • Protect access to your applications
  • Protect your data with secure backup to avoid paying a ransom


Secure networks and devices.

Healthcare systems are dispersed across multiple cloud networks, remote locations, and hybrid environments unique to each organization. Adding to the complexity of these networks are thousands of on-premises and remote medical devices that require constant network availability to users, manufacturers, and third-party vendors. Barracuda research shows that these devices are often over-exposed to the network and the public internet, making them an ideal target for cybercriminals seeking access to the network.

Our solutions help you:

  • Protect data, users, and workloads wherever they reside
  • Boost application performance and reduce costs
  • Simplify security deployments and improve threat visibility
  • Integrate medical devices into your edge security


Block intrusions and other attacks.

Remote healthcare solutions expose providers to third-party web applications, insecure APIs, and public networks. Retailers and pharmacies have been fighting off bot attacks that disrupt web-based vaccine appointment systems in the U.S. and around the world. One electronic medical records (EMR) system was found to have two critical vulnerabilities that could lead to intrusion, data breach, and the execution of arbitrary system commands.

Our solutions help you:

  • Protect your web applications across multiple environments
  • Stop sophisticated bots that can impersonate humans
  • Prevent DDoS attacks from interrupting operations and services
  • Securely deploy interconnected and interactive applications


Protect data and minimize downtime.

Access to current data is one of the most critical components of patient care. Ransomware attacks, natural disasters, and employee accidents can cause delays in treatment. Barracuda backup solutions help you restore your data quickly so you can focus on patient care.

Our solutions help you:

  • Maintain compliance to avoid fines
  • Protect electronic health records and other data
  • Automate data protection, replication, and message archiving
  • Protect data across hybrid and multi-cloud deployments with a single solution


Protect your business, customers, and patients.

More than 268 billion healthcare records were exposed between 2009‑2020. HIPAA-covered entities and business associates paid over $101 billion in settlements, fines, and penalties between 2016-2020. Barracuda is committed to your success. Our solutions use military-grade encryption, data loss prevention, and other advanced threat protection to safeguard your information. Visit the Barracuda Trust Center to access our pre-signed business associate agreement.


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