In each episode of “Below the Surface,” hosts Darshna Kamani and Stephanie Cavigliano speak to Barracuda experts and colleagues across the industry on all the latest and greatest cybersecurity news, as well as Barracuda’s recent research, reports, and thought leadership.

Barracuda Security Product Overview

30 minute, high level overview of Barracuda products that address security challenges of Azure customers.

30 minute, high level overview of Barracuda products that address security challenges of Azure customers.

What you need to know: Application security vulnerabilities

Episode 24

Tushar Richabadas talks with Nitzan Miron and Anshuman Singh for an in-depth look at the types of attacks the Barracuda team is seeing in the field trying to exploit, Confluence, Log4J, VMware, and other vulnerabilities.

Insights from two IT directors

Episode 23

Olesia Klevchuk talks with Timika Hite of LA Family Housing and David Price from Curtins about the role IT plays at their organizations and the cybersecurity threats they’re most concerned about.

Destructive malware and other threats to watch

Episode 22

Host Anastasia Hurley talks with Barracuda CTO Fleming Shi and Mahendra Pruitt, an endpoint security engineer from Barracuda MSP, about destructive malware and other threats the Barracuda team has been monitoring that you need to be aware of.

Cybersecurity trends for 2022

Episode 21

CTO Fleming Shi; Aidan Kehoe, SVP of XDR; and Sinan Eren, VP of Zero Trust Access, discuss cybersecurity trends and what to expect in the year ahead.

Log4j attack trends

Episode 20

This episode focuses on what the Log4j vulnerability is, some statistics about malicious traffic Barracuda has seen carrying Log4j attacks, and how organizations can prepare themselves for such incidents.

Bot attacks: Top threats and trends

Episode 19

Anshuman Singh, Senior Director of Product Management, Application Security, and Tushar Richabadas, Senior Product Marketing Manager, Application Security, about the latest bot attacks and how to protect against them.

The state of network security in 2021

Episode 18

Sinan Eren, VP of Zero Trust Access, and Mike Goldgof, VP of Product Marketing, discuss the state of network security, the ongoing threat from ransomware, and the rise of secure access service edge (SASE).

Analyst insights on ransomware trends

Episode 17

In this episode, Fleming Shi, Chief Technology Officer at Barracuda, and guest speaker, Forrester Senior Analyst Jessica Burn talk about the most recent trends in ransomware and how this threat has evolved,

Security and the MSP business

Episode 16

This episode features a panel of experts discussing the evolving landscape of the MSP business and the challenges and opportunities security creates for MSPs.

The rising threat of ransomware

Episode 15

In this episode of Below the Surface, Barracuda CTO Fleming Shi and SVP Tim Jefferson discuss the latest developments in ransomware, why the impact from this type of attack seems to be growing rapidly, and how to protect against it.

The state of application security in 2021

Episode 14

Nitzan Miron, VP of Product Management, Application Security at Barracuda, and Chrisitian Jackson, Platforms Manager at the Natural History Museum in London discuss current application security threats and how to protect against them.

Why you need a cloud-native backup strategy

Episode 13

Guest host Nicole Napiltonia, VP of Global Alliances at Barracuda, speaks with Barracuda’s Tim Jefferson and Nills Franssens of Microsoft about the increasing need for a cloud-native backup strategy.

Advancing women in technology

Episode 12

Celebrating International Women’s Day, this episode features a panel of industry leaders including Nicole Napiltonia of Barracuda; Sarah Guthais from Microsoft; and Eleanor Dallaway of Infosecurity Magazine.

Cloud networks: Shifting into hyperdrive

Episode 11

This episode features a deep dive into cloud networks and Secure Access Service Edge (SASE) with Sinan Eren, VP of Zero Trust Access at Barracuda, and a founder of Fyde, which Barracuda acquired in November 2020.

Security and the future of work

Episode 10

Barracuda CTO Fleming Shi and Sinan Eren, VP, Zero Trust Access at Barracuda, offer an insightful look at key IT security trends and threats to pay attention to in 2021.

Culture and compliance

Episode 9

Diane Honda, Chief Administrative Officer & General Counsel at Barracuda discusses the importance of culture and compliance and overcoming challenges in these areas during the pandemic.

Improving security awareness

Episode 8

This episode for Cybersecurity Awareness Month features a discussion with Dennis Dillman, VP, Product Management, Security Awareness, at Barracuda, about building a security culture.

Tech marketing right now

Episode 7

This episode with Barracuda CMO Erin Hintz offers a look at cybersecurity marketing, helping channel partners, and other timely topics related to the current business environment.

Secure Access Service Edge (SASE)

Episode 6

Guest host Nicole Napiltonia of Barracuda talks with Barracuda SVP Tim Jefferson and Dr. Reshmi Yandapalli of Microsoft about strategies to help overcome cloud and data-security challenges.

Managed services providers

Episode 5

In this episode, Neal Bradbury and Jason Howells of Barracuda MSP share an in-depth look at the global market for managed services providers.

Attacker activity in compromised accounts

Episode 4

Asaf Cidon, Assistant Professor at Columbia University and a Barracuda Advisor, and Neil Shah, Software Specialist at Barracuda, discuss their research on attacker activity in compromised accounts.

Malware and the new normal

Episode 3

In this episode, Barracuda CTO Fleming Shi shares his thoughts on emerging threats, working from home, and a recent ransomware attack making headlines.


Episode 2

Mike Goldgof, Senior Director, Product Marketing at Barracuda, offers an in-depth look at the results of Barracuda’s latest global SD-WAN survey, including opinions about public cloud migration.

Email threat types and more

Episode 1

Hosts Darshna Kamini and Stephanie Cavigliano talk with Olesia Klevchuk from Barracuda's email security team about top email threat types, a new type of brand impersonation attack, and more.

Spear Phishing Top Threats and Trends Vol. 1: Best practices to defeat evolving attacks

Spear phishing is constantly evolving as cybercriminals find new ways to avoid detection. This report takes an in-depth look at the three most prevalent types of attacks.